Thurston Moore & Umut Çağlar ‎– Dunia



Sıfır Ürün

In 2016, Astral Spirits released Live at Islington Mill, a cassette chock full of funky, left-of-center jazz that defies gravity and tugs at the boundaries of our plane of existence. That tape featured a Turkish crew that goes by the name of Konstrukt, alongside 808 State’s Graham Massey and Tombed Visions head honcho David McLean. Konstrukt’s star has been rising since they hit the scene in 2008; they’ve teamed up with heavy hitters such as Peter Brotzmann, Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Keiji Haino, and Thurston Moore. The group’s self-described “free music, outer frequencies, cosmic chaos” is the perfect match for Moore’s “sturm und drang” approach to shredding.

Fittingly, Moore paired up with band member Umut Çağlar for an LPs worth of high impact noise-making, the two guitarists crossing proverbial streams as their energies folded together creatively. Entitled Dunia, the album is set to see the light of day on October 27 courtesy of the aforementioned Astral Spirits, and features a pair of lengthy jams followed by a short outro. The duo feel each other out as “Kensaku” opens, their abstract string filigrees spiraling around themselves, before launching into an all-out assault just past the mid-way point of the track. “The Red Sun” begins in heavy fire mode, with large chunks of distorted guitar being flung around like boulders. There are a few points where Moore and Çağlar come up for air, but these are sparse amid the sonic mushroom cloud the two produce. The short outro “Echo” is a dainty, rhythmic affair that is a welcome respite from the destruction that came before.