Gatefold-Cardboard-Sleeve LP
43:46 min
limited edition of 300 copies

The album Living Theory Without Anecdotes conflates Nicolas Wiese’s acousmatic compositions from the years 2009-2011. There is a common thread: all four compositions are constructed out of samples from acoustic instrument and object recordings, and mostly have rather floating structures with slow crescendos and little disruptions.
A significant element in Wiese’s soundworks is the spatial layering – there is an architecture of foregrounds, backgrounds and different midgrounds that integrate an analoge room feel, subdivide the dynamics in a manner unusual for a ‘non-played’ music and therefore question the obvious digitality in most of today’s electronic productions.

The longest piece, filling the entire B side El Jardín Revisitado, is based on a 2 hours long multiscreen video / ensemble piece conceived together with composer Tom Rojo Poller. Sound manipulations from the original instruments have been taken into further processing by Wiese afterwards, serving as a pool for a series of audiovisual solo performances. The album version contains compositional ‘cells’ which vaguely resemble the original ensemble piece, altogether employing them in a very different meta-structure.