Mark Fell and Miles Whittaker feature on live album


Double LP

Travel By Goods


A series of recordings taken from an installation in Bäsel last year have been released on a double LP.

280913_1 / 280913_2 collects four performances from the closing party of Thomas Baldischwyler’s Hot Knobbing at Oslo 10, originally recorded on in September 2013 Named for the idea of faking live electronic music (twiddling knobs when they really don’t do anything), ending the installation with a concert seems tongue-in-cheek, and Baldischwyler himself says that “the release is meant to facilitate reflection on the meaning of the performance, its spatial setting, and its documentation.”

Each track, taking up a side of vinyl, weighs in at 12 minutes or more. SND associate Mark Fell contributes a typically reduced piece using only MAX software, Some Truths (AKA Bass Clef) plays with an entirely analogue setup, Joane Skyler uses cassettes and Demdike Stare member Miles Whittaker offers a typical hybrid hardware/software set. It’s been released on Baldischwyler’s own Travel By Goods label, and you can hear clips over at Boomkat.